Fish Funerals

Funeral planning for your recently departed fish is a difficult process involving emotional distress, financial decision making and uncertainty.

By holding your own personalised fish funeral service, you will get emotional closure knowing that your fishy friend has had a nice send-off to the big fish tank in the sky.

Without some guidance, the options and information surrounding fish funerals and arrangement planning can seem overwhelming at an already stressful time.

At, we offer a good place to start when faced with the task of arranging a funeral for your fish. We take you through the first stages of fish funeral planning from knowing what to do with the little dead fishy body, right through to disposal decisions and fish-loss grief recovery support.

Because is independent of the fish funeral industry, the information we offer is given with your interests at heart, and with the goal of helping you to make the personal and financial choices that leave you with peace of mind.