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My fishy friend Goldy had lived an extraordinary life even though it seems it was rather short.

Goldy was a fabulous little fellow; the kind of friend that will come and glides close to you when you need somebody to be close by. And once Goldy even saved my life! We were both young then and not even very close –Goldy was just one of the bunch of fish in my parents’ aquarium. I was blindly wandering across the lounge room when Goldy uncharacteristically jumped out of the water with a splash! I stopped suddenly because of that, and realised I was about to trip over mum’s bag of knitting lying in the way and would have fallen smack-bang onto the heater that was going at full blast!  If it wasn’t for Goldy, I would’ve gotten burned I can tell you. That’s how I became friends with Goldy. Yes, that was five happy years ago and we’ve were inseparable ever since.

What is it that I feel when I think of Goldy? I think everyone who came to our house would agree with me on this, Goldy seemed to have the personality of a funny person and could make us laugh so hard that they’d end up crying.  Who could forget about the aquarobics? Goldy really played up for us when we were in the living-room standing by the aquarium, honestly. Goldy would flip and twirl and come back smiling and, look at us to see our reactions, as if to say, “Did you like that? Huh, did you, did you?!”. That is probably what I will miss most about Goldy. Just always making me laugh if I was sad. Goldy cheered me up when I had a bad day. That’s the trademark of Goldy. I don’t know, maybe we were imagining it, but Goldy just always seemed to want to make people joyful.

Goldy’s death was a surprise. When I heard the news I could not believe it. Goldy was too young, but it slowly occurred to me that Goldy had lived a good life. Goldy was well-loved and had done so many good things on earth and I’m sure will do much more in heaven. I will forever appreciate having known Goldy. I will forever be thankful that Goldy was there at the right place and at the right time and saved my life. I will always appreciate spending 5 years of my life with a friend like that. All of the memories we shared will ever be loved and remembered. Goldy will always live in my heart… In our hearts.

Goldy is swimming in heaven now and we are here to remember. This is not the time for us to grieve a death but to celebrate Goldy’s life. Don’t ever forget Goldy, who just wanted to make us all happy. So now, as we are about to lay Goldy to rest, let’s all admire how this little fish touched us all. We may shed tears but we should all be thankful that we were given the opportunity to know a fish like Goldy.

This fishy friend will forever be missed but I know I will meet Goldy again. We’ll all meet Goldy again and I know we’ll all laugh together again.

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