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Eulogy for Goldy [ Keep Reloading the page to get different versions]

My mate Goldy lived an extraordinary life even if it seems it was fairly short.

Goldy was a funny friend; the kind of mate that comes and swims near you when you feel you need someone to be there for you. And once Goldy even saved my life! We were both young then and not very close –Goldy was only one of the fish in my parents’ aquarium. I was haphazardly wandering across the living room when Goldy suddenly jumped out of the water with a splash! I pulled up short wondering why Goldy had done that, and realized I could have tripped over my school shoes lying in the way and would have fallen straight onto the heater that was roaring at full blast!  If it wasn’t for Goldy, I would’ve fried for sure. So that’s how close to Goldy. Yes, that was five short years ago and we’ve been soulmates since then.

What is it that I recall when I remember Goldy? Everybody that saw Goldy would agree with me, Goldy actually had a great sense of humour and could make us laugh so hard that they’d end up crying.  Who could forget about the aquatic acrobatics? Goldy actually played up to us when we were lounge-room standing by the aquarium, honestly. Goldy would flip and glide and twirl then come back smiling and, and watch our reactions, as if to say, “Did you like that? Huh, did you, did you?!”. That is what I will truly miss about Goldy. Just always making me feel good again when I was down. Goldy always cheered me up when I had a bad day. That’s the beautiful thing about Goldy. I don’t know, maybe we were imagining it, but Goldy just always seemed to want to make people joyful.

Goldy’s death was unexpected. When I heard the news I could not believe it. Goldy was too young, but it slowly occurred to me that Goldy had lived a good life. Goldy was well-loved and had done many good things for us and I’m sure will do much more in heaven. I will always be grateful to have known Goldy. I will always be thankful that Goldy jumped out of the water to save my life. I will always appreciate spending five years of my life with a mate like Goldy. All of the memories I have will forever be honoured and remembered. Goldy will forever live in my heart… In our hearts.

Goldy is flying through heavenly waters now and we are here to remember. This is not the time for us to grieve a death but to celebrate Goldy’s life. Don’t forget Goldy, who seemed to want to make us happy. So now, as we are about to lay Goldy to rest, let us all honour how this little fish touched our lives. This may be the moment for us to shed tears but to be thankful that we had the chance to know a fish like Goldy.

This fishy friend will be missed but I know I will meet Goldy again. We’ll all meet Goldy again and I’m certain we’ll all laugh together once more.

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